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Adelaide Event Recycling

Looking for Adelaide event recycling services? Contact AAA Recycling Centre  for special events such as outdoor festivals and concerts, sporting and cultural events and council-based community activities.

Event organisers can rely on AAA Recycling Centre to provide professional, cost-effective recycling services during, pre and post-event to provide a complete resource recovery and recycling solution for any type of event.

We have the facilities and infrastructure to deliver innovative and cost effective resource recovery and recycling solutions.

Adelaide Event Recycling Services - AAA Recycling CentreTalk to us during the event planning stage to determine what equipment is required and to establish a safe and suitable collection schedule.

Our Adelaide event recycling solutions cater for bottle, can and packaging removal on site during and after the event.

Collection of recyclable items can be arranged for shows, festivals, concerts, races and other corporate or private events.

We can take care of the bottle and can recycling for you.

Events can be challenging when it comes to waste reduction, but we are here to help reduce waste and recycle bottles and cans at your next indoor or outdoor event.

Please call (08) 8280 6350 to discuss your next event. That will be one less thing you have to worry about.

Home & Commercial Pick Up - AAA Recycling Centre Adelaide

We provide recycling services for the local community, commercial & Adelaide Events.

Home Pick Up

Home Pick Up - AAA Recycling Centre Adelaide

For the past 32 years AAA Recycling Centre has been providing commercial recycling services to business customers as well as home pick ups.

  • Home Pick ups
  • Hotels & Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Event Recycling

AAA Recycling Centre can supply 120 litre, 240 litre or 660 litre storage bins for regular pick up and exchange.

We accept a wide variety of other types of recyclable items – including:

  • Bottles – without deposits e.g. wine bottles
  • Cardboard
  • Mobile Phones – we are a MobileMuster drop-off point, so we accept all used mobile phones, which will be ethically recycled

Whilst no cash is able to be paid for these recyclable items, it enables you to dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way.

To start your recycling service please call (08) 8280 6350 or 0418 818 175. Alternatively, you can email us.

An inspiration with a story to tell!

Eleanor travels several kilometres along Waterloo Corner Road on her electric cart to deliver bottles and cans to Burton recycler AAA Recycling.

She arrives with a smile, no matter the weather and always leaves the team at AAA Recycling smiling when she leaves.

Eleanor is a great lady who loves to chat with one and all, never short of a story to tell. She’s an inspiration to everyone that takes the time to stop and listen to her. She says

“Remember the song Eleanor Rigby and you will remember me”.

So if you’re travelling along Waterloo Corner Road, look out for Eleanor and give her a wave. You will surely get one in return.

Eleanor - AAA Recycling Centre Adelaide