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Firewood, Gas Bottles & Wheelie Bins


Wheelie Bins & Recycling Bags

AAA Recycling Centre offers Wheelie bins for purchase in 2 standard sizes 120 litre and 240 litre.

  • Manufactured from high density polyethylene
  • Resistant to decay, heat, frost, chemicals and UV rays

Plastic Wheelie Bin 120 Litre – $39
(width 480 x depth 550 x height 940 mm)

Plastic Wheelie Bin 240 Litre – $41
(width 580 x depth 730 x height 1080 mm)

Keep your backyard tidy – store your bottles and cans in a Recyclers SA recycling bag. Made from long-lasting UV stable material.

Bottle & Can Recycling Bags 50 Litre – $2.50
(width 370 x depth 190 x height 720 mm)

Wheelie Bins Recycling Bags for Sale - AAA Recycling Centre Adelaide

Gas Bottle Exchange

Gas Bottle Exchange - AAA Recycling Centre Adelaide
  • 4kg gas bottle exchange – $20
  • 8.5kg gas bottle exchange – $32

AAA Recycling Centre is open 7 days, so you’ll never miss out on that BBQ.

PLEASE NOTE: Our refill dispensary that enabled customers to refill their own gas bottles is no longer available.

Gas Bottle Exchange - AAA Recycling Centre Adelaide

Licensed Weigh Bridge

Our public weigh bridge is government registered – and available 7 days a week.

The weigh bridge is suitable for trucks, cars, caravans and trailers. A weigh docket is supplied for registration requirements.

We use the weigh bridge for people purchasing a trailer load of firewood. By driving onto it, we know the BEFORE weight – then after loading with the firewood, the AFTER weight – to ensure you’ll only be charged for exactly what you’ve received.

Licensed Weigh Bridge - AAA Recycling Centre Adelaide

Firewood & Kindling

We stock firewood, which is available by the tonne.

Drive in with a trailer, and we’ll use our licensed weigh bridge (before and after loading), to ensure you only pay for the firewood you receive.

  • Split Redgum – $500 a tonne
  • Pick-up only
  • Any amount
  • Kindling: 6/7kg – $10 / 10kg – $15

Stock up with firewood now for next winter.

Firewood For Sale Salisbury Burton - AAA Recycling Centre Adelaide